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560309030 DIY Flap Bag

Simplicity DIY flap bag. Customize your own bag with tie-dye, fabric paint, appliques & more! 100% cotton bag.
See more info tab for basic tie-dye technique.


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Basic Tie-Dye Techniques

Get the super cool look of tie-dye in no time with a few basic supplies and techniques:

Gather your supplies:
• Rubber bands
• Fabric dyes in one or more assorted colors
• Bucket or tub for each color dye you are using
• Paper towels
• Plastic table cloth
• Rubber gloves
• Scissors
• Laundry detergent

Before you begin:
• Spread the table cloth over your work surface to protect from spills.
• Pre-wash the garment you are tie-dyeing to pre-shrink it and remove any sizing, which can interfere with dye absorption.
• Wear rubber gloves when handling any dye.
• Following the package directions for the dye you are using, prepare each color in a separate bucket or tub. Prepare all of your dyes in advance so you don't have to stop working to mix the next color.

• Gather sections of your garment and tie off with rubber bands, forming the desired pattern. The sections that are tied off will resist absorbing the dye, resulting in tie-dyed rings.
• Start dipping the bag into each dye, dipping the lightest color first. Keep the fabric in the dye until the color is slightly darker than the shade you want.
• Rinse each dyed section until the water runs clear before dipping into the next color.
• When all dye colors have been applied cut off all of the rubber band ties with scissors.
• Wash garment in warm water and rinse thoroughly in cool water, setting the dye. Squeeze out excess water and allow to dry.
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DIY Flap Bag

560309030 DIY Flap Bag


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DIY Flap Bag

560309030 DIY Flap Bag


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560309030 DIY Flap Bag

DIY Flap Bag