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Founded in 1906, Boye® Needle Company was the first American manufacturer of crochet hooks and knitting needles. Precision knitting needles, crochet hooks, supplies and accessories are the core of Boye Needle’s business. The high degree of quality and accuracy of gauge resulted in Boye sizing being the defined as the U.S. Standard and is used by yarn companies in making their patterns. Simplicity Creative Group is proud to count Boye Needle among their top brands.


Whether your preference is for steel, aluminum or bamboo, long or short knitting needles, Boye Needle Company helps you knit your best. All of our knitting needles Feature Boye Perfection Points®. Designed for superior performance and perfection, the concave points help prevent dropped stitches and the rounded heads allow for fast knitting without yarn splitting. Boye Needle produces a full range of knitting supplies.

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Boye offers steel, aluminum and plastic crochet hooks made from the highest grade of materials in a variety of US standard sizes. Boye crochet hooks feature the exclusive Boye Tapered Throat. Optimally smooth throats and rounded heads set Boye crochet hooks apart from the competition. Boye Needle manufactures a range of kits and supplies for every level.

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Boye manufactures a range of craft accessories, separate of knitting and crochet.

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