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Cake Gift Set

Gift set with baking supplies

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Here's a really neat gift to make for a Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Birthday, Mother's Day; really any occasion calling for a gift!

Ours is made with the baker in mind, with kitchen accessories, but you can make one with things for the bath, or the baby's room or even with containers of food. Once you start, it's so much fun to just keep building. Try it for your next occasion and put it right in the middle of the gift table as a centerpiece.

Materials Needed:

  1. Roll up one hand towel.
  2. At the point where this towel ends, begin rolling a dish towel.
  3. At the point where this one ends, roll up another hand towel.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 alternating the towels until you have used up all the hand towels and 2 dish towels. You will have a circle approximately 11" in diameter. (You can pin them into each other as you go along.)
  5. Secure them well at the end.
  6. Wrap the 1 1/2" ribbon around the entire circle, ending in the front with a bow.
  7. Starting at the back, along the bottom approximately 1" up, tape the Venice lace using double stick tape. Note: The lace will be upside down.
  8. Next, at the very bottom, below the venice, tape one row of the pleated lace with pearls just over the top of the lace.
  9. Do the same at the top with the Venice and then the pleated lace.
  10. The "cake" is now basically done.
  11. Begin rolling up all the other items, tying them with a length of the white narrow ribbon. We folded the napkins in a triangle.
  12. Place them on top of the "cake" with the spoons inside the placemats.
  13. Arrange them all around decoratively, pinning where necessary, as you will need to carry the "cake" to the party.
  14. We added a loopy bow as a light touch to make it more like a gift!
  15. Enjoy!

To make a "cake" for the bath, just roll up 2 bath towels and then add smaller hand towels and a variety of soaps, tissues, powders, fresheners and bath supplies.

For baby, start the "cake" with blankets. Then at the top add toys, bath supplies and anything else rolled up that can be used for baby.

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