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Embellished Evening Bags




Embellished Evening Bags Embellished Evening Bags
DIY some glittery glam with Simplicity® gemstones, medallions and embellishments and take a purchased bag from ordinary to amazing!

Gemstone Encrusted Clutch

Materials Needed:


  1. Using hot glue gun, apply jewels individually, mixing size and shades as desired.
  2. Repeat until entire front of clutch is covered.

Chain Strap Shoulder Bag

Materials Needed:


  1. Attach a pin back to each embellishment, using hot glue gun.
  2. Arrange embellishments on bag in desired design and pin in place.
  3. Remove existing shoulder strap.
  4. Cut chain to desired length – you can use the original shoulder strap as a guide if you like the length.
  5. Using a jump ring and pliers, attach chain to bag hardware. Repeat on other end of chain to form new shoulder strap.

Gold Sequin Collar
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