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Felted Cuff and Pin

Designed by Rebekah Meier




Felted Cuff Pin
These funky pieces of jewelry are created using the Simplicity® Hand Felting Machine and buttons from your stash – look for vintage buttons, beads and other embellishments you may have on hand to make each piece truly unique!

You will need:

Cuff Instructions:

NOTE: Measurements given result in a cuff measuring 2" wide – please adjust accordingly if a wider or narrower cuff is desired.
  1. Measure your wrist and cut wool felt to desired length, being sure to add 1" for overlap and button closure.
  2. Place wool roving onto wool felt. Leave 1 ½" on each end without roving.
  3. Place cuff onto foam and needle felt roving to wool felt.
  4. Sew button to one end of cuff. Cut a slit in the opposite end to use as a buttonhole.
  5. Stitch various beads and buttons to surface of cuff as desired, securing with embroidery floss.
  6. Cut a piece from wool felt slightly smaller than finished cuff. Stitch or use fusible web to apply felt to the back of the cuff to finish, covering stitching.

Pin Instructions:

  1. Cut one 2 ¼" square from wool felt.
  2. Place 2" wool felt squares onto wool felt base.
  3. Place small amounts of wool roving onto squares.
  4. Please felt squares with roving onto foam and needle felt together.
  5. Stitch beads and button to pin, stitching button to the center and securing with embroidery floss.
  6. Sew pin back onto back of finished pin, securing with embroidery floss.
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