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Felted Purse

Designed by Rebekah Meier




Felted Purse
Start with a purchased wool felt purse and make it special with embellishments created with the Simplicity® Hand Felting Machine.

You will need:


  1. Draw flower onto wool felt square – you can either trace one from a stencil, drawing or paper pattern you have on hand, or get creative and draw a flower freehand.
  2. Cut flower from wool felt, cutting along drawn line.
  3. Place foam inside purse. Arrange wool roving onto purse and needle felt in place.
  4. Center felt flower onto purse as shown in photo. Place a dime-sized amount of wool roving onto the center of the flower. Needle felt both flower and roving onto purse, going through all thicknesses.
  5. For added design detail, use embroidery floss to hand-embroider straight stitches, defining flower petals.
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