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Gingerbread Men Garland

These instructions and materials are written to complete five snowmen.

Helpful Hint: To prevent fraying, wrap trim or cord at cutting point with 1/2" adhesive tape. Cut through the middle of the tape to leave two taped ends.

Materials Needed:



  1. Trace gingerbread man pattern onto cardboard and cut out. Repeat for a total of five gingerbread shapes. These cardboard templates form the body which you will now decorate.
  2. Starting at bottom of shape, glue lip cord around outer edge. Be sure lip is glued onto front of shape and cord is positioned just over edge of cardboard.
  3. Tape final end of lip cord and glue both taped ends of lip cord together.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for a total of five gingerbread shapes.
  5. Cut ten shapes from fabric.
  6. Trace vest pattern outlines onto five of the fabric shapes. You now have five marked fronts and five plain backs.
  7. Glue fabric fronts over cardboard gingerbread men covering lip of cord. (Be sure to glue the outer edge only and leave a 2" opening on the side for filling.)
  8. Turn gingerbread men over and repeat step seven with fabric backs. (You will only need to align the fabric over cardboard since there is no lip on the opposite side).
  9. Fill back and front of each shape with potpourri or fiber fill.
  10. Glue side openings closed.
  11. Glue scroll braid to front of each shape. Follow pattern numbers & arrows to glue trim in place. As you glue, be sure to overlap raw ends of trims.
  12. Starting at bottom edge of gingerbread men, glue last piece of scroll braid over raw edge of fabric and any raw ends of scroll braid. Continue to glue trim around entire perimeter of gingerbread men. Glue final end of trim over first end and cut. (You may want to use Fray Check on trim ends to prevent fraying). Repeat for all gingerbread men.
  13. Turn gingerbread man over. Glue scroll braid over raw edges of fabric as in step #12.
  14. Decorate gingerbread men with ribbons, buttons or decorative beads.


  1. Cut four pieces of burgundy cord 12" long, four pieces of green cord 12" long and four pieces of striped cord 15" long.
  2. Fold over and glue one taped end of cord to itself to form candy center. Coil and glue entire length of cord around candy center to form disc.
  3. Glue taped end of cord to the back of candy disc.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all lengths of cord.


  1. Arrange gingerbread men and candies over remaining two yard piece of striped cord. (See photo)
  2. Glue gingerbread men and candies to cord. (Glue should be in the center of each candy and gingerbread man to prevent the garland from falling forward.)
  3. Enjoy!

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