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Halloween Projects


Halloween Boa Wreath




Halloween Boa Wreath
Easy, fun and festive – a wreath is transformed by Simplicity® feather boa trim and embellishments of your choosing. Play with colors, textures and add-ons to be playful, spooky or glam.

Materials Needed:


  1. Secure one end of boa trim to wreath form with straight pin, being sure to pin through cord core of boa trim. Wrap boa around wreath so that it is snug but not tight, wrapping until you run out of trim. Secure loose end of trim to wreath form with straight pin.

    If using more than one color, wrap one color at a time, leaving space as needed for next color. Be sure to secure ends with straight pins before beginning a new color. Fill in spaces with next color until desired effect is achieved.
  2. When all 10 yards of boa trim has been wrapped around wreath form, slide trim along wreath as needed to ensure that the form is completely covered and colors are distributed to give the desired visual effect.
  3. To make the wreath hanging loop, fold soutache braid in half, forming a loop. Slide the loop underneath a piece of wrapped boa trim, so that the loop is on one side and the loose ends are on the other. Bring the loose ends through the loop and pull to tighten. Knot the ends to the length desired for the hanging loop and trim off excess.
  4. Add on embellishments by pinning them directly into the wreath form. To make a loopy bow as shown here:
    1. Take 2 yards of ribbon or lace trim and roll it loosely three times, using all of the trim and leaving the ends loose.
    2. Fold the roll in half to find the center. At the center make a perpendicular clip from the edge of the trim towards the middle, clipping through all thicknesses but stopping 1/8" to 1/4" from the middle of the trim. Make a similar clip on the opposite edge of the trim, once again stopping 1/8" to 1/4" from the middle.
    3. Wrap a 6" length of yarn, 1/8" wide ribbon or middy braid around the uncut center of the roll, tying it as tightly as possible. Double knot to secure and trim off excess yarn, ribbon or middy braid.
    4. Pull the loops gently out, forming a bow.
    5. Pin the bow to the wreath, using a straight pin on the inside of one of the loops and as close to the bow center as possible. This will hid the pin head when the wreath is finished.


Spooky Cake Stands




Spooky Cake Stands
Set a sophisticated table for Halloween with cake stands trimmed to impress – break with tradition and embrace this season's ultra-chic palette of black and white.

Materials Needed:


  1. On the WRONG side of the cake base, find the center of the base by measuring 6" from the edge and making a pencil mark. Do this at several points from the edge; where most marks intersect is the true center of the cake base.
  2. Center the top of the candle holder over the center of the cake base. Trace the top of the candle holder onto the cake base.
  3. Put a generous amount of glue on the line you have just traced. Place the candle holder on the glue line and press down to set. Glue all around the edge of the candle holder to seal and secure. Allow base to dry for a few hours, according to manufacturer's directions.
  4. If desired, glue a decorative cake board to the top of the cake stand and allow to dry before applying trims.
  5. Glue trims to the outer edge of the cake base as shown in photo. At 6" intervals, place a straight pin through the trim into the cake board to keep trim extra secure as glue dries. Pins can be removed later if desired or if the heads blend in, they can remain permanently.
  6. Trim off excess and add extra glue where trim ends meet to seal and prevent raveling. Allow to dry before applying the next row of trim.


Embellished Pumpkins




Embellished Witch Hat
Bring on the bling! Decorative pumpkins get a modern makeover with spray paint, trims and crystals in this season's ultra-chic palette of black and white.

NOTE: Trim requirements will vary depending on your pumpkin size. Yardages given are for pumpkins shown, measuring 36", 27" and 16" in diameter.

Materials Needed:


  1. Following manufacturer's instructions, spray paint pumpkins in a well-ventilated area. Use drop cloth for quick clean up and mask to avoid breathing in paint fumes. For best results, apply several thin coats for even coverage and minimum paint drips. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  2. Glue embellishments to pumpkins, using the photo as a guide.

    Large White Pumpkin:
    • Cut motifs apart from Venice lace to create individual flowers. Glue flowers so that they are more concentrated at the top and more spaced apart as they move down the pumpkin. The flowers should stop approximately 1/3 of the way down from the top.
    • Cut the plastic rhinestone chain into several lengths, ranging from 6" to 12" long. Place a line of glue from the bottom up on the pumpkin, with the glue line inside a groove. Mix lengths of rhinestones for more visual interest.
    • Scatter crystals in space left unembellished by trims, gluing each crystal individually.
    Medium White Pumpkin:
    • Glue lace with rhinestones trim around center of the pumpkin, placing it horizontally. Clip off excess trim as needed.
    • Cut beaded floral scroll trim in half, so you have two equal pieces. Glue a row of trim approximately 1" to 1-1/2" from the lace, clipping of excess as needed. Glue the other row of trim the same distance away from opposite side of the lace in the same manner.
    • Clip all but the uppermost thread on the 6-row plastic rhinestone trim, forming a fringe. Place glue along the uppermost row of rhinestones and place on pumpkin, as shown in photo. By clipping the other threads it allows the stones to spread out as needed for a smooth curve.
    Small Black Pumpkin:
    • Place a line of glue in a groove of the pumpkin and press plastic rhinestone chain into glue to set. Clip off excess trim. Continue placing three more vertical rows of trim spaced evenly around the pumpkin.
    • In the same manner, apply four vertical rows of starburst plastic rhinestone trim in between the previous trim rows, spacing them evenly.


Spirited No-Sew Tutu




Spirited No-Sew Tutu
Whip up this quick and easy tutu using Halloween-themed cotton prints, tulle and Simplicity® trims – no sewing needed! Cutting the fabric strips with pinking shears prevents raveling and gives your tutu playful texture.

To make quick and easy work of cutting the fabric strips, substitute pinking shears for the Simplicity® Rotary Cutting Machine 881950 with one of the specialty cutting blades available. We used a pinking blade, but play with wave, scallop and other fun edges.

Materials Needed:

Cutting Directions:

  1. On the WRONG side of the fabric, mark four strips of each fabric measuring 4" wide and running the full length of the fabric. Cut strips out using pinking shears or the Simplicity® Rotary Cutting Machine with pinking blade. You will have twelve strips of fabric total, four of each. If desired, cut the ends into points as shown in photo.
  2. Mark and cut 12 (twelve) strips of tulle, each strip measuring 8" wide X 36" long.
  3. Cut one trim into 5 (five) lengths, each measuring 18" long. This will be referred to as Trim A in Assembly Instructions.
  4. Cut the other trim into 4 (four) lengths, each measuring 22-1/2" long. This will be referred to as Trim B in Assembly Instructions.

Assembling The Tutu:

Lay the Crochet Headband trim flat on a table; this will be the waistband of the tutu. Each fabric strip will be knotted onto the waistband using the following method:

Fold the strip in half lengthwise. Starting from the top edge of the waistband, slide the center UNDERNEATH, with the loop facing down. Fold the two tails OVER the waistband and thread through the loop. Pull to secure.
  1. Starting from the center, knot cotton strips onto the waistband, mixing the fabrics and placing each knot close together. You will have two "tails" of Crochet Headband trim on either end, which will be used to tie the tutu on.
  2. Knot tulle strips onto the waistband in between the cotton fabrics.
  3. Fold each length of Trim A in half to find the center. At four evenly-spaced intervals on the tutu, place the center of the trim on the waistband and tie in place.
  4. Starting at the center front of the tutu, tie Trim B lengths in loops onto the waistband as shown in photo.
  5. To wear, place tutu around waist and tie waistband tails in a bow at the back. Re-space all strips and trims as needed to accommodate waist size.


Trick or Treat Cones




Trick or Treat Cones
Give a Victorian standard a new twist using Halloween fabrics and trims for a fun way to display candy and more – trick or treat!

Materials Needed:


  1. On the WRONG side of the fabric, trace a 10" circle. Cut the circle out.
  2. With WRONG sides together, fold the circle in half. Press the folded edge to form a sharp crease. Pin the curved edges together.
  3. Stitch along the curved edge using a machine zig-zag stitch. This will hold the layers together and add stiffening to the top of the cone. Press smooth.
  4. With the folded edge at the bottom, fold the semi-circle in half, matching all edges. Pin the two straight edges together, pinning through all thicknesses. This will be the seam that forms the cone.
  5. Measure 1" from the pinned edge along the top of the cone. Make a small pencil mark.
  6. Using the ruler, draw a line from the mark to the point at the bottom of the cone. Using a straight machine stitch, stitch along this line. Press the seam open.
  7. Turn cone right side out.
  8. On OUTSIDE of cone, pin ribbon at the top of the cone, overlapping 1/2" to form the hanger. Machine or hand-tack in place.
  9. Starting at the seam, place trim along the top of the cone, overlapping ends to finish. Hand or machine stitch trim in place. You can use as many trims as you like, layering them until you have the look you want.

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