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How to Make a Rick Rack Flowers

rick rack flower bouquet

Create your own masterpiece with flowers. Simply glue or sew to a canvas, pillow, placemat or garment.

Helpful Hints:

  • Yardage is for one flower or leaf unless otherwise indicated.
  • Count points on one side of Rick-Rack only where a number is indicated for each flower.
  • Use matching heavy thread for gathering.
  • Instructions are for hand stitching flowers in place. They may be glued on craft items or when indicated.
  • Vary flower sizes by size of Rick Rack, length of trim, and lightness of gathering thread.
  • Create shading by using two or more colors. Vary colors where suitable.
  • For flower centers use gathered Rick-Rack ball fringe, button or jewel.


You'll need for outer petals:
1/3 yd. Wrights® White Jumbo Rick Rack

You'll need for center:
6" length of Wrights® Canary Baby Rick Rack

To make outer petals:

1. Use Jumbo Rick Rack. Stitch in and out each point along upper edge, building points on needle.
2. Draw thread snugly and seam raw ends on wrong side of flower.
3. Cut away excess stem allowance.
4. Stitch through each folded point around inner circle on wrong side.
5. Space petals evenly and end off.
6. Turn to right side.


You'll need:
1/3 yd. Wrights® Yellow Rick Rack
1/3 yd. Wrights® Orange Rick Rack

To Make:

1. Interlock Yellow and Orange Rick Rack by hooking "Vs" together.
2. Stitch in one point and cut the one next point along one edge.
3. Draw thread snugly. Coil and tack through center.


You'll need:
1 yd. Wrights® Jumbo Rick Rack

To Make:

1. Fold Rick Rack to half length.
2. Interlock by hooking "Vs" together.
3. Pin to mark half the length. Fold raw end in and roll on itself up to pin. Remove pin.
4. Tack end and underside to hold shape; do not end off.
5. With same thread, stitch in one point and out the next point along lower edge Rick Rack.
6. Coil gathered points around rose base twice and tack to underside.


You'll need:
"W" shape of Wrights® Jumbo or Regular Rick Rack

To Make:

1. Cut a "W" from Rick Rack.
2. Fold in half and clip away free points.
3. Seam together lower "V" (4 stitches).
4. Open; then fold in right end. Take one stitch.
5. Fold in left end. Take one stitch on each side and knot thread.
6. Turn to right side.


You'll need:
6" length of Wrights® Baby Rick Rack

To Make:

1. There must be an even number of points along upper edge with cut ends in downward direction. Cut away if necessary.
2. Stitch in one point and out the next point along upper edge, building all points on needle.
3. Pull thread through leaving 3" free at knotted end.
4. Tie thread together from both ends to form tight circle.

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