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Snowmen Garland

Image of Christmas garland of fabric snowmen

These instructions and materials are written to complete five snowmen.


  1. Trace hat pattern on black felt. Cut 5 pieces.
  2. Trace snowman pattern on white felt. Cut 5 pieces.
  3. Cut 25 black dots from felt using paper punch and glue in place for buttons & eyes.
  4. Starting at top of head, glue white braid around entire outer edge of snowman.
  5. Cut four 12" pieces of each cord; set aside remainder of striped cord. Hint: Tape ends of cord and cut through tape to prevent fraying.
  6. Coil & glue each 12" length of cord to create "candies" (finish by gluing tape end under coil).
  7. Glue black felt hat to snowmen over white braid ends.
  8. Arrange snowmen & "candies" over remaining pieces of striped cord - glue.
  9. Enjoy!

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