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≡ Free Sewing Projects

made with Style in an Instant black sequin banded fabric


made with Style in an Instant shirred plaid taffeta


using the Simplicity® Deluxe Sidewinder Mini Swift


embellished with lace trim and letter appliques


sweater knit embellished with metallic ink stamping


trimmed with Simplicity® pom pom fringe


humble upholstery strapping becomes a decorative secret


a colorful mix of mini prints adds homespun appeal


stitch up a little imagination with fabrics and trimmings


downloadable jabot pattern and learn to lengthen cape pattern 2334


creative decorative touches for princess pattern 1557



≡ Free Craft Projects

elbow patches felted using the Simplicity® 12 Needle Deluxe Felting Machine


Venice lace trim transformed, glittered or not


with Project Runway® plastic pyramid chain trim by Simplicity®


a trimmed fancy hat ups the ante for your next costume affair


a purchased hat trimmed to the brim with feathers and sequins


≡ Free Knitting & Crochet Projects

loom knit with the Boye® Jumbo Spool Knitter set


designed by The Crochet Dude® for aluminum crochet hooks


knit with Boye® Needle Master and embellished