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Knit Color Splash Scarf

Photos and instructions courtesy of Red Heart® Yarn




Knit Color Splash Scarf
Need a splash of color in your style? Here is an easy way to brighten up your look in a hurry – without breaking the bank. Knit this scarf in any sparkling shade of Sashay.

Skill Level: Easy



    Scarf measures 4" (10 cm) x 62" (158 cm) (6" (15 cm) x 38" (96 cm))
    Directions are for 62" (158 cm) long scarf; changes for 38" (96 cm) long scarf are in italic font in parentheses.


    Gauge is not important for this project.


    For longer scarf cast on 6 stitches; for a shorter scarf cast on 10 stitches. Stretch one end of the Sashay open for several inches and lay it flat, placing the edge with the metallic thread along the bottom. Notice that the Sashay yarn is a mesh of holes. You will be working with the top of the mesh and leaving the metallic edge loose to form the ruffle. You are using the top channel of holes as if it is yarn.


    Beginning at the top right edge, insert tip of a knitting needle from back to front starting 4" (10 cm) from end. Continue inserting needle 5 (9) more times. You now have 6 (10) cast on stitches. Place this needle in left hand.

    Pick up right hand needle and knit between the top two threads of the mesh rather than the entire strand. Continue knitting these 6 (10) stitches on each row, always turning your work in the same direction at end of rows.

    Put your work down and open up the mesh as you go. Stop knitting when you have 1 yard (91 cm) left for binding off.


    Bind off loosely, drawing the end of the Sashay through the last bound off stitch. Trim leaving a 4" (10 cm) end. To finish the ends, fold under the corner and tack to inside with sewing needle and thread.

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