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Hourglass Skinny Scarf

Designed by Gloria Tracy





Hourglass Skinny Scarf
This cozy, stylish scarf is knit using super bulky weight yarn for extra warmth and texture. Makes a great gift for someone special!

Skill Level: Easy


    BO-bind off; CO-cast on; k-knit; p-purl; rep-repeat; rnd-round; RS-Right Side; st(s)-stitch(es)


    One size: 3½" (9 cm) wide x 68" (173 cm) long

Materials Needed:


    14½ sts & 18 rows = 4" (10 cm) in stockinette st. Gauge is not critical for this project


    Garter and Rib Check
    Row 1 (RS): *(K1, p1) twice, k6.
    Row 2: *K5, (p1, k1) twice, p1.
    Rows 3 and 5: Rep Row 1.
    Rows 4 and 6: Rep Row 2.
    Row 7: *K6, (p1, k1) twice.
    Row 8: *(P1, k1) twice, p1, k5.
    Rows 9 and 11: Rep Row 7.
    Rows 10 and 12: Rep Row 8.
    Rep Rows 1-12 for pattern.


    CO 10 sts. Knit 4 rows (2 garter ridges). Work in Garter and Rib Check pattern stitch for 67" (170 cm) or to 1" (2.5 cm) less than desired length. Knit 4 rows. BO loosely.


    Weave in ends.
    Fringe: Cut 20 strands of yarn each 8" (20 cm) long. Fold a strand in half forming a loop. With crochet hook, draw loop through first stitch at end of scarf. Draw loose ends through loop and pull to tighten and secure. Repeat for all stitches on both ends of scarf. Trim ends evenly.

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