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Mock Cable Knit Scarf

Designed by Maggie Pace




Mock Cable Knit Scarf
Warm up with this stylish scarf that mimics a classic cable knit pattern; make several to match your mood!

Skill Level: Easy


    BO-bind off; CO-cast on; k-knit; k2tog- knit 2 sts together; p-purl; p2tog-purl 2 sts together; rep-repeat; RS-Right Side; st(s)-stitch(es)


    One size fits all. Approximately 60" (152 cm) long and 8" (18 cm) wide after steaming

Materials Needed:


    9 sts & 12 rows = 4" (10 cm) in stockinette st. To save time, take time to check gauge.

Special Stitches:

    RT (Right Twist): K2tog and leave sts on left-hand needle; with right-hand needle, knit the first stitch again, slip both sts off left-hand needle.


    CO 14 sts.
    Row 1 (RS): (RT, p1) 4 times, RT.
    Row 2: (P2, k1) 4 times, p2.
    Row 3: (K2, p1) 4 times, k2.
    Row 4: Rep Row 2.
    Rep Rows 1-4 until scarf measures 60" (152 cm) before blocking and ending with Row 4.
    BO. Weave in ends.


    Blocking is very important in this project because it helps to open up the stitches and accentuate the mock cable pattern.

    Heat up iron so it will steam. Lay out scarf on a folded blanket or other surface that will accept pins. Starting at one end, lightly spray a 10" (25 cm) section with water, hold steam iron about 3" (7.5 cm) above the section and steam. Do not let the iron touch the scarf. Pin section to the dimension desired. Continue in this manner, working down the scarf until the entire length is steamed and pinned. Once the scarf is fully pinned, steam a second time. Let dry completely before removing the pins.

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