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Ripple Afghan

Ripple Afghan


bet – between; CO – cast on; dec – decrease; est – established; K – knit; K2tog – knit 2 to- gether; rem – remaining; P – purl; pm – place marker; psso – pass slip stitch over; pu – pick up; RS – right side; sl – slip; st(s) – stitch(es); St st; stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row); WS – wrong side; yo – yarn over


Approximately 45" X 58", without fringe



Pattern St: 4 sts – 1".


Worked over a multiple of 10 sts plus 6.
Rows 1 and 2: Knit.
Row 3: K6, *yo once, k1; yo twice, k1; yo three times, 1; yo twice, k1; yo once, k6; repeat from * across.
Row 4: K across, dropping all yo to form elongated sts.
Rows 5 and 6: Knit.
Row 7: K1, repeat from * of Row 3, ending last repeat k1 instead of k6.
Row 8: Repeat Row 4.
Repeat these 8 rows for Pattern st.


Worked from side to side. Cast on 226 sts. Start with Row 1 and work even in pattern. Work to approximately 45" from beginning, ending with Row 2 or 6 of pattern. Bind off all sts knit wise.


Worked along short ends of afghan. For each fringe cut 4 strands of yarn, each 15" long. Fold the 4 strands in half to form a loop. Insert crochet hook in st from wrong side and draw loop through. Pass all loose ends through loop and knot. Begin a fringe in each corner and space approximately 1" apart along each short end. Trim fringe.


The following chart gives the information needed to make this afghan smaller or larger. Be sure to end the afghan with row 2 or 6 of the pattern.

Approx. Size Cast On Bind Off When Yarn Amt.
40" X 52" 206 sts 40" 8 skeins
52" X 64" 256 sts 52" 12 skeins
64" X 72" 286 sts 64" 16 skeins

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