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Ruffled Scarf made with Latch Hook




Ruffled Scarf made with Latch Hook
This ruffled scarf is a great project for any crafter, young or old, because it is made with a simple latch hook technique that is easy to learn and quick to do. Light and playful, it's a fun accessory for any occasion.

Skill Level: Beginner


    One size: Approximately 60" (152 cm) long if entire skein of yarn is used.

Materials Needed:

  • #6 super bulky weight ruffle yarn: we used Red Heart® Boutique Sashay® (97% acrylic/3% metallic polyester), 3.5 oz (100 g), 30 yd (27 m), available at Walmart –1 ball #1953 Tutu
  • Boye® latch hook


    Gauge is not critical in this pattern.


    Unroll yarn and stretch out the first few feet. Notice the decorative metallic threads on the bottom that will create the ruffled look. The plain eyelet netting on the top will be used to gather the stitches.

    Fold the first 4 or 5 loops on the top of the yarn so they overlap the next 4 or 5 loops. These double layered loops will be treated as one loop.

    Insert latch hook in the first double-layered loop on the top of the yarn, going through the double thickness and sliding it to the back of the hook. *Slip the next 13 loops onto the hook, sliding those past the hook as well. Insert hook in the next loop and keeping it on the front of the hook, close the latch.

    Slide all stitches on the hook over the closed latch containing the last loop then slide that loop out of the latch and onto the back of the hook.

    Repeat from * until approximately 4 loops of yarn remain and one loop remains on hook.

    Skip the next 3 remaining loops and insert hook into the last loop of yarn, close latch and draw that loop through the loop already on the hook. Tie a knot in the yarn end to anchor stitches and trim any excess. Ending knot will be hidden in ruffles.

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