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No Knit or Crochet Wrapped Bangle

Designed by Erin Elkins

Wrapped Bangle


One bangle bracelet, 1-1/2" in height x 10" in circumference
Double stick tape
Boye® tapestry needle
Approximately 20 yards of variegated fingering weight sock yarn


Wrap double stick tape around inside and outside of bangle in three separate 1-1/2" sections, placed evenly around bangle. Working slowly, carefully wrap the yarn around the bangle, lining up each strand to the one placed before it and on top of tape strips as they are approached. Wrap entire bangle. Fasten off, leaving a 5" tail.


Thread tail into tapestry needle, and weave in end along backside of bangle. Secure this end. Enjoy!

Level of Difficulty: Easy

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