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Prairie Flowers Quilt

by Darlene Zimmerman

43" x 55"

Image of  Prairie Flowers Quilt Image of Prairie Flowers Quilt Grid

Materials Needed:



  • 1 1/4 yds. White Background
  • 1 1/4 yds. Green Print
  • 1 yd.Yellow Print
  • 9" x 22" strips of EACH Six different prints

Cutting Directions
Fabric Cut To Yield
White36 1/2" strips176 1/2" squares
42 1/2" strips24rectangles (2 1/2" x 6 1/2")
42 1/2" squares
32 1/2" strips72Easy Angle triangles (cut together with the prints*)
EACH Print32 1/2" x 22" strips12Squares
12Easy Angle triangles (cut together with white)
Yellow Print22 1/2" strips182 1/2" squares
54" stripsSecond Border
Green Print62 1/2" strip962 1/2" squares
51 1/4" stripsFirst Border
1 1/4" bias stripsBias strips joined to equal 200"
*Layer a print strip right sides together with a white background strip. Cut triangles with Easy Angle™. They will then be ready to chain sew.


Piecing Directions

schematic of flower block18 Flower Blocks

Sew the triangle squares together. Press towards the print triangle. Lay out one block. Sew the squares and triangle squares together in each row. Press as shown. Join the three rows to make a flower block. Press towards the center of the block. Make 18 flower blocks.

schematic of diagonal line on square17 Snowball Blocks

Mark a diagonal line on the back side of each green square. This can be done with a marking pencil or by simply creasing each square on the diagonal.

schematic of sewing green square to corner of white squareRight sides together, lay a green square on the corner of a large white square. Stitch on the marked diagonal line. Fold the square over the corner and press. Trim the seam to 1/4".

schematic of finished snowball squareRepeat on all four corners of the squares. Repeat for all the squares. Make 17 snowball blocks.

schematic of rectangle unitAdd a green square in the same manner to both ends of 14 white rectangles.

Assembling the Quilt

Arrange the blocks in rows, alternating flower blocks with snowball blocks, beginning and ending with a row of three flower blocks. Add the rectangles along the outside of the quilt to complete the star that is formed around each flower block. Add the white corner squares.

Join the blocks and rectangles into rows. Press the seams in each row in alternating directions.

Join the rows of blocks, pinning at each intersection. Press.


Measure the quilt across the width in several places, taking an average of these measurements if necessary. Cut two 1 1/4" green print borders to this length. Sew to the top and bottom of the quilt. Press towards the borders. Repeat this procedure for the side borders.

Repeat this procedure again for the 4" yellow print borders. Press towards the yellow borders.

Finishing the Quilt

Cut (and piece if necessary) the backing and batting for the quilt, allowing an extra 4". Baste the three layers together. Quilt as desired. Baste by hand or machine (with walking foot please!) a scant 1/4" from the edge of the quilt to prevent the layers from shifting.


A single, bias binding is necessary to bind the notched borders on this quilt. Cut bias strips 1 1/4" wide, and piece together on the diagonal to equal 200". Join the strips with a diagonal seam pressed open. Cut the beginning edge at an angle and press under 1/4".

To mark the notched border, measure 4" from each corner, and 3/4" in. Put a dot at that point, and with a quilt marking pencil, draw a curved line down to that point and back up again. You may also choose to round the corners.

Sew the binding to the quilt with a 1/4" seam allowance. When you come to the notches, align the edge of the binding to the marking rather than the edge of the quilt top. Stop with the needle down at the inside point, raise the presser foot and pivot the quilt and binding until both are aligned to sew out of the inside angle. The binding will be pulled around that point, but it will be fine when turned to the back side. Ease the binding around the rounded corner.

To finish off, simply overlap the beginning edge by 1". Cut the remaining binding off at an angle. Trim the excess batting and backing even with the edge of the binding. Turn the binding under 1/4" and then to the back side. The binding should just cover the stitching line. Stitch down by hand with matching thread.

Don't forget to sign and date your quilt! Enjoy!

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