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How to Make a Braid Bib Necklace

image of woman wearing braid bib necklace image of braided bib necklace

Materials Needed:

Read through all of the instructions before cutting and sewing.


Step 1. Draw a bib shape on paper to be your pattern.

Step 2. Pin pattern onto interfacing and cut out. Remove pattern.

Step 3. Pin green braid along upper edge of bib, having wrong side of braid facing fusible side of interfacing. Make sure one edge of braid covers cut edge of interfacing. Invisibly hand-sew in place along long edges of braid, catching interfacing.

Step 4. Pin the tan braid just underneath the green braid, having edges butt tightly against each other. Hand-sew in place, easing braid along curve as necessary.

Step 5. Repeat with another row of green braid and finish with a last row of tan braid.

Step 6. Fuse interfacing to stitched rows of braid, following manufacturer’s directions.

Step 7. Turn under 5/8" on each end and press. Hand sew in place.

Step 8. Using pliers, separate gold coin chain into separate coins, making sure each coin has a jump ring attached to it.

Step 9. Hand-sew coins along lower edge of bib, using the attached jump ring, spacing evenly. We have used nine coins on the one pictured.

Step 10. Cut gold chain into two equal lengths. Sew two ends to each upper corner OR, sew two ends in place at one corner. Try on necklace and determine the finished length of chains, allowing enough to slip over your head. Cut off excess chain, and then sew the two ends to the opposite corner.

Step 11. Starting at upper edge, sew beads along long edges of braid, spacing beads evenly or as preferred.

Step 12. Place the necklace around your neck and enjoy your new creation.

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