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How to Make a Butterfly Pin

image of two butterfly pins on jacket

Materials Needed:


Note: These instructions are for a single row of trim; repeat steps for each row of trim you will be adding to a single finished headband.

Step 1.Decorate butterfly appliqué wings with your choice of beads, rhinestones or crystals. You can sew beads and sequins with holes onto the wings and body, or glue tiny rhinestones or crystals without holes directly onto the butterfly appliqués. Note: If you want to skip this step, you can select a butterfly that is already decorated with sequins and beads such as style #1967463001.

Step 2. Turn butterfly wrong side up and measure out four pieced of wire, one piece for each wing part that will run the length of the butterflies upper wings and lower wings. The wires should extend along the width of each wing (see # 1) clearing 1/4 inch from tip of wings and 1/8 inch from body. schematic of butterfly pin

Step 3. Tack wires in place with a bit of glue.

Step 4. Cut a small square of felt that will cover the back of your butterfly.

Step 5. Apply glue to the back of wings including over the wire. Important note: Do not apply glue to the antennae—the antennae should be left free and does not need to be backed by the felt.

Step 6. Press felt to the glued back of the butterfly and let dry.

Step 7. When dry, cut away the excess felt following the shape of your butterfly. Be careful to cut the felt away from under the antennae without cutting the delicate antennae off.

Step 8. Shape the butterfly by bending the wired wings up and rounding them out to the edge giving the butterfly a 3 dimensional feeling.

Step 9. Glue a small pin back to the center back of your new butterfly pin.

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