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How to Make a Child's Dangling Daisy Trim Headband

dangling daisy headband

Materials Needed:

Note:Be sure to read through all of the instructions before cutting and sewing.

Cutting Instructions

Step 1. Cut a length of velvet scroll braid measuring 15" long.

Step 2. Cut a length of elastic measuring 7" long.

Step 3. Cut apart daisy trim to form ten individual daisies.

Sewing Instructions

Step 1. Turn under ends of velvet scroll braid 1/2". Lap these ends over each end of elastic 1/2", forming a circle; securely hand sew in place.

Step 2. Tie white cord into a bow, forming 1" loops. Trim streamers to each measure 5" long.

Step 3. Tie pink cord into a bow, forming 1" loops. Trim streamers to each measure 4" long.

Step 4. Sandwich one bow streamer between two individual daisies, enclosing the raw end of the streamer. Tack together securely, tacking through the centers of the daisies through all thicknesses, being sure to ?catch the streamer end.

Step 5. Repeat step 4 on remaining bow streamers.

Step 6. Position both bows off-center on velvet?scroll braid, approximately 4" from where braid meets elastic. Securely tack bows to headband, tacking through each bow’s center knot.

Step 7. Pin remaining daisies to headband, one ?on each side of bows, as shown in photo. Tack daisies to headband, sewing through the center of each daisy.

Fitting Tip

If headband fits too loosely on your child, form a small pleat in the elastic until the headband fits snugly. Tack pleat in place.

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