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How to Make a Grommet Trim Headband

leather headband

Materials Needed:

be sure to read through all of the instructions before cutting and sewing. When hand tacking and sewing through trim, use a thimble for easier pushing ?and drawing of needle.

Cutting Instructions

Step 1. Cut a length of trim measuring 21" long, starting and ending with a grommet at each end.

Step 1.Cut a 20" length of trim.

Step 2. Cut a length of elastic measuring 4" long.

Step 3. For bow, cut a length of trim that includes?a total of five grommets.

Sewing Instructions

Step 1. Lap ends of trim 1/2" over each end of elastic, forming a circle.

Step 2. Securely hand-sew ends together, sewing around edges and around the inner edges of the grommets.

Step 3. Lap ends of trim for bow so that grommets at end match at the center. Tack all edges together at center to secure bow.

Step 4. Place bow off-center on headband as desired. Tack underside of bow in place ?to headband.

Creative Idea:
For a glam look, thread a fine silver chain measuring approximately 1/8" in width in and out through the grommets; tack the ends of the chain to the underside of the trim to secure.

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