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Lace & Monogrammed Cardigan

As seen in Jo-Ann© FASHIONfusion Magazine





Lace & Monogrammed Cardigan
Pretty lace and preppy monogramming is a chic update to the classic cardigan. Extra-wide Simplicity® lace trim makes it easy.

Materials Needed:


  1. On the OUTSIDE of the cardigan, lay a section of lace trim at the front shoulder. Place the trim so that the upper edge is at the shoulder seam and the scalloped edge is at the bottom, as shown in photo. Pin in place.
    NOTE: There is likely to be lace overlapping onto the sleeve and past the front of the cardigan; this excess will trimmed away after stitching.
  2. Using a straight stitch, machine stitch lace trim to cardigan at shoulder seam, armhole seam and front, stitching through all thicknesses. Stitch scalloped edge to cardigan 1/4" away from trim edge.
  3. Turn cardigan inside out. Carefully trim away sweater fabric, trimming within 1/16" of the machine stitching.
  4. Turn cardigan right side out. Carefully trim away excess lace from shoulder, armhole and front, trimming as close to the machine stitching as possible. DO NOT trim away scalloped edge of lace trim.
  5. Following manufacturer's directions, iron letter appliqués onto front of cardigan, using photo as a guide.
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