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How to Make a Misses Silver Gimp
Trim Headband

gimp headband

Materials Needed:

Note:Be sure to read through all of the instructions before cutting and sewing.

Cutting Instructions

Step 1. Cut a length of braid measuring 42" long.

Step 2. Cut a length of braid measuring 3" long.

Step 3. Cut a length of elastic measuring 4" long.

Sewing Instructions

Step 1. Working on a flat surface, lap ends of braid 1/2", forming a circle; hand-sew together.

Step 2. On opposite end, fold and slightly overlap edges of fold 1/2"; hand-sew together. This will form an oval type shape, with each length braid measuring 21" long.

Step 3. Fold oval shape in half, having ends even. Mark centers with a pin.

Step 4. Lay oval shape flat. Center ends of 3" length of braid under pin markings on headband and sew in place.

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