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How to Make a Spaceship

images of boy wearing spaceship costume

Materials Needed:

  • One 38" (96.5cm) Inner Tube Pool Float
  • 1" (2.5cm) wide Painter's Masking Tape
  • Eight 6" (15cm) Paper Plates
  • Silver Spray Paint for Plastic
  • Acrylic Paints in the following colors: Black, Purple, Pink, Yellow and Turquoise
  • 5 Yards (4.57m) of 1" (2.5cm) wide Black Webbing
  • 1 Plastic Parachute Clip Buckle
  • Six 1 1/2" (3.8cm) D-Rings

Painting Instructions:

NOTE: The spaceship will have to be painted on both sides of the tube. Steps 1 through 4 are given for painting one side only; completely paint one side before painting reverse side of tube, repeating these steps.

Step 1. Place a row of tape 3" (7.5cm) from inner edge and a row 1" (2.5cm) from outer edge. Place a row of tape running across the tube, dividing it in half. Place three more rows of tape in a similar manner, until the tube is divided into eight equal pieces. Trim out the tape at the center opening of the tube, trimming it so that it is equal to the tape row at the inner edge.

Step 2. Cut eight 4" (10cm) strips of tape. Place one strip at each of the eight sections, along the outer edge. Be sure to center each strip, placing it perpendicular to each tape line that creates the sections.

Step 3. Position one paper plate in each of the eight sections, centering it. This will create the mask for the spaceship lights.


Step 4. Following manufacturer's directions, spray the tube with silver paint and allow it to dry completely. Remove the plates and tape. Fill in lines left by removed tape with black acrylic paint. Paint the circles in the four remaining paint colors, so that there are two circles of each color. Outline each circle with a thin line of black paint.

Harness Instructions:

Step 1. Cut three lengths of webbing, each measuring 46 1/2" (118cm) long. Turn back one end of each strip 1 1/2" (3.8cm) and stitch in place, forming a belt loop.


Step 2. Slide two D-rings over the looped end of each strip and turn back 4 1/2" (11.5cm). Stitch D-rings in place as shown.


Step 3. Turn back opposite end of each strip 1/2" (1.3cm) and stitch in place.

Step 4. Wrap each strip of webbing around the tube, with the belt loop end on the inside of the tube. Secure other end around the tube by threading it through the D-rings.


Step 5. Take one end of the remaining length of webbing and turn it back 1/2" (1.3cm); edge-stitch in place. Thread the other end of the webbing through the large section of the parachute clip buckle 2 1/2" (6.3cm), turn the end back, and stitch in place. This forms the belt for the harness.

Step 6. Slide the belt through the three belt loops on the harness. Thread the loose end through the adjustable end of the buckle. The belt can now be worn around the waist and adjusted to fit.


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