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How to Make a Trim Headband

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Create a quick and easy accessory with trims, complete with an elasticized back for a secure but comfortable fit. Use a single row of wide ribbon for a polished, preppy look, or mix multiple trims to achieve an eclectic vibe. For evening, opt for lace or go for several rows of shining metallic or rhinestone trim for a glamorous Grecian look

Materials Needed:


Note: These instructions are for a single row of trim; repeat steps for each row of trim you will be adding to a single finished headband.

Step 1.Cut a 20" length of trim.

Step 2. Loop one end of the trim around the elastic band, until the end overlaps the back of the trim about 1/2". If using ribbon, turn back the cut edge 1/4" before looping the end around the elastic band.

Step 3. Using the needle and double-ply thread, hand stitch the end of the trim down securely, using a small whip stitch.

Step 4. Loop other end of trim around opposite end of elastic band, making sure that trim is not twisted before sewing in place as directed in step 3.

Step 5. Cut fused bead chain into four 18” lengths. Cut medium silver chain in same manner. Cut remaining heavy silver chain in same manner.

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