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How to Make a Wide Croc Belt

woman wearing wide croc belt image of wide croc belt

Materials Needed:

  • 1 yard of 3" wide belting
  • 1 yard of chain
  • One 3" wide rectangular buckle
  • 8" length of 3/4" wide Velcro
  • Heavyweight Needle and Thread
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Sewing thread for your machine

The above amounts are to make a belt that fits a waist up to 34".


Step 1. Fold belting in half, having ends even. Mark fold with a piece of tape. This will be your center front.

Step 2.Using pliers, separate a piece of chain 7" long, having two clean rings at each end. Thread needle with two strands of thread and knot ends. Tack ends of chain to upper edge of belting, placing one end 1" away from center front and spacing the other end 4" apart, forming a drape. Prepare another length of chain 9" long. Tack one end 1 1/2" below first ring and overlap remaining end over previously tacked ring. Repeat with an 11" length of chain, tacking one end to lower edge of belting. You should have three rings on one side evenly spaced in a row and the other ends overlapped and tacked.

Step 3. Slide belting through buckle, placing post at center front. One edge of buckle will be along rings. Remove tape Hand-sew OR glue trim in place.

Step 4. Cut Velcro in half into two 4" long pieces. Separate Velcro.

Step 5. Place the two loopy sides on outside of belt at one end, having long edges 1/4" away from edges of belting and ends even with cut ends. Stitch across end of belting and across remaining ends of Velcro using a wide zig zag stitch.

Step 6. Turn the belt over and stitch fuzzy sides of Velcro to opposite end of belt in same manner as outside.

Step 7. Wrap belt around your waist and fasten at back to the desired fit and enjoy your new belt!

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