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The Classic Jeans Skirt - Only Better!

image of two jeans skirts

Materials Needed:

  • Old pair of jeans
  • 1 yard of 45” or 60” wide fabric – we used a couple of cute cotton prints
  • Seam ripper
  • One Button for Scarf
  • Pins
  • Scissors


Step 1. Figure out where you want your finished skirt to be – add about 2” to this measurement and cut off the jeans legs at that point. The extra 2” gives you some wiggle room while making your skirt, so you can trim what you need without your skirt getting shorter than you wanted to. Don’t forget – you can always cut away extra, but if it’s too short, you can’t add it back on!


Step 2. Using the seam ripper, open up the inner leg seams, opening from the cut legs all the way up to the crotch, right up until you reach the bottom of the fly. In the back the opening should end at the lower end of the back yoke; if your jeans don’t have a back yoke, the opening should end about 5 1/2” from the waistband.


Step 3. Lay the skirt with the FRONT facing you on a flat surface. Lap the left crotch over the right crotch and pin it in place. Stitch right over the original jeans top stitching to hold it permanently together. Repeat this step at the back of the jeans. You’ll have a skirt shape that’s missing a wedge-shape missing at the front and the back, as shown here.


Step 4. Slide a piece of your printed fabric underneath the wedge-shaped opening at the front and pin in place. Stitch the piece in place by sewing about 3/8” from the edge of the jeans. Trim the printed fabric to match up with the hem of the denim. Repeat this step in the back.


Step 5. Trim the skirt hem so that it’s straight and even. You can turn up the hem 1/2” and stitch it in place, or leave it raw for en edgy look.


HERE’S AN IDEA: If you want to and have some printed fabric left, you can add a cute ruffle to the hem of your skirt by cutting a strip of fabric that’s twice the total width of the skirt hem and 3” wide. Fold the strip in half, gather the top and just lay it right underneath your skirt hem. A quick machine stitch along the hem holds it in place.

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