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Fleece Confetti Mittens

Instructions by Nancy Masters -

Fleece Confetti Mittens

Stitch a pair of toasty fleece mittens with streamer and confetti embellishments that bring a little party atmosphere to cold winter months. Use the Simplicity Deluxe Felting Machine to make the felting fun and easy.

You Will Need:

Of fleece, please cut 2 mitten body pieces, cut 2 mitten thumbs, cut two binding pieces.

HINT: For added interest cut the thumb and binding in contrasting colors and use the scraps of fleece from these contrasting colors to machine felt on to the top of the mitten in various designs.

HINT: There is a top and bottom to the mittens. The thumb hole is on the underside so make sure you do all of the surface design on the larger of the surfaces.

Cut fleece scraps in approximately a 3" circle. Starting at the edge of the circle, start cutting the fleece in a ¼" in from the edge in a spiral until you are at the center. Stretch out the spiral and let it fall on to the mitten surface and move it around until you have an interesting squiggle. Use the felting machine to lightly tack the fleece to the mitten top. Once it is in place, felt it more heavily until it is felted into the mitten.

After felting all the squiggles and circles on to the mitten top, randomly zigzag stitch over the squiggles and mitten top to make sure the embellishment is firmly attached. Add small buttons for interest.

Fold mitten thumb in half, RIGHT sides together, and stitch notched edges in ¼" (6mm) and turn right side out. Stay stitch around thumb hole in mitten. With right sides together stitch the thumb to mitten opening, matching large and small dots.

With RIGHT sides together, stitch binding to lower edge of mitten, having raw edges even. Stitch in a ½" (1.3cm) seam.

Cut a piece of 7" (18cm) long elastic for each mitten. On INSIDE, stitch elastic along stitching line, stretching as you sew. HINT: I like to tack the elastic at each end and then stretch it as I stitch it down.

Fold mitten in half, with RIGHT sides together and stitch the entire seam including the binding. Trim the seam and clip the curves and turn mitten. Fold under binding and stitch in place either by hand or with the machine so some contrasting color shows.

HINT: Use a "fray check" to secure all ends of zigzag stitching.

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