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How to Make a Silver Pleather Belt

image of woman wearing silver pleather belt image of silver pleather belt

Materials Needed:

The above amounts are to make a belt that fits a waist up to 34".


Step 1. Cut a piece of belting 3 1/2" long and set aside for loop.

Step 2. Insert one end of remaining belting through post of buckle and turn under 1". Hold end in place with a paper clip.

Step 3. Attach the zipper foot to your sewing machine. Stitch end in place 1/4" from cut edge.

Step 4. Fold loop in half, having wrong sides together and ends even. Stitch ends together 1/8" from cut edges.

Step 5. Slip loop onto belting, having seam on underside.

Step 6. Turn under 1/4" on remaining end of belt and stitch in place.

Step 7. Wrap belt around your waist, slip the extra end through loop and enjoy your new belt!

If the buckle you purchased has a prong on underside, try to have the prong removed. Remember – Safety First! OR try the belt on again and mark the position where the prong is on belt. Take off the belt and make a small hole with an awl so that way the prong will fit right in!

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