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SUEDEsays™ . . . Make Flirty Mittens


Suede Flirty Mittens

These SUEDEsays™ fingerless mittens are designed for the flirty modern girl. Project Runway trim by Simplicity and a touch of bling add some sass to easy fleece.

You Will Need:

Cutting Instructions:

  1. From fleece or double knit fabric, cut four mitten pieces.

Sewing Instructions:

  1. With RIGHT sides together, pin two mitten section together, matching cut edges and single notches. Stitch in a 5/8" seam, leaving an opening between the two small dots. Back-stitch at the dots to reinforce the seam. Press to blend stitches and press seam open.
  2. On RIGHT side, top-stitch ¼" from each side of the seam. If you prefer, trim seam allowance close to stitching. Prepare second mitten in the same manner.
  3. Turn under ¾" hem allowances on top and bottom of each mitten and machine stitch in place.
  4. With RIGHT side facing you, lay one mitten on a flat surface so that the thumb opening is at the top. Place a row of trim along the top edge of the mitten, placing the center of the trim along the hem stitching. Stitch in place.
  5. Place a row of trim along the bottom edge of the mitten, placing the center of the trim along the hem stitching. Place two more rows of trim above the first, as shown in photo. Stitch all three rows in place.
  6. With RIGHT sides together, stitch remaining seam of mitten, forming a tube. Press stitches to blend and press seam open.
  7. Turn mittens RIGHT side out and glue rhinestones as shown, spacing them approximately 1" apart.
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