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Calendar Tea Towel Tote

Calendar Tea Towel Tote

Supplies: (for a towel approx. 16" by 25")

  • Vintage or new linen dish/tea towel
  • Simplicity trims and ribbon - 2 2/3 yds. (for each trim or ribbon if layering) for handle, 1 yd for decorative trim/pom poms across the top
  • Basic sewing notions
  • Assorted buttons for embellishment


  • Sew decorative trim or pom poms to the right side of towel; approximately 1/2" in from each finished edge. Snip off any poms in the last 1/2" of each end to avoid catching them in the side seam allowance.
  • With towel laid out flat and pin handle ribbon or trim to towel folding under the last 1/2" to cover the beginning raw edge. Sew down handle (this tote is layered with twill tape on top of grosgrain ribbon to add color and strength to the handle). Snip off any poms that come under the handle prior to sewing.
  • Fold towel in half (right sides together).
  • Sew down each side with a 1/2" seam allowance.
  • To form a flat bottom tote, lay side seams flat (tote is still inside out). Form point at the bottom of each seam and sew 1 1/2" in from each point. Skip this step if you don't want a box flat bottom.
  • Turn right side out.
  • Sew on buttons of your choice.

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