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How to Select Your Pattern Size


To get the correct pattern size, it's important to choose the size based off of your own body measurements and body type. Do NOT buy the size you buy at retail. Patterns are based off of standardized body measurements that have been consistent from the first Simplicity patterns ever made to the present day. The sizes used for patterns are still the same, unlike retail sizing, which has changed over time. Follow these simple steps to get the pattern size that will fit you:

STEP 1: Taking Your Measurements

Getting accurate body measurements is key, so it's important to take them carefully for best results:
  • Enlist a friend to help – it's very difficult to take accurate measurements by yourself
  • Wear the undergarments you would normally wear under clothes
  • Use a flexible tape measure
  • When measuring, hold the measuring tape so that it's comfortably snug, but not tight
  • Jot down your body measurements on a piece of paper for reference
Use the diagram shown here to measure at each body point:

STEP 2: Finding Your Body Type Using Your Body Measurements

Compare your body measurements to Simplicity® measurement charts to determine your body type.
  • Babies - Newborn to 24 lbs
  • Toddlers - Back Neck-to-Waist Measurement of 7½” - 9½”
  • Children - Back Neck-to-Waist Measurement of 8½” - 12”
  • Girls - Sizes 7-16
  • Girls’ Plus - Designed for girls over the average weight for their age and height
  • Husky Boys - Designed for boys over the average weight for their age and height
  • Misses’ / Miss Petite - For well-proportioned figures
  • Women’s / Women’s Petite - For fuller figures
  • Men - For men of average build
  • Big & Tall Men 


If you find that your measurements don't line up completely with a single pattern size, see Step 3 to select the correct pattern size for the garment you are making.

For Misses' / Miss Petite and Women's / Women's Petite Types: in addition to Bust, Waist and Hip, use the Back Neck to Waist body measurement to determine if you need Petite sizing. Petite is defined as a proportion for 5'4" tall and under, with a torso 1" shorter than standard Misses' and Women's sizes. In order to achieve the best fit for a Petite figure, look for Fit for Petite patterns, which include adjustments right on the pattern for Petites.

STEP 3: Finding Your Pattern Size for the Garment You Are Making

Depending on the garment you are planning to make, your size is determined by specific body measurements – follow these guidelines to help you choose the right size for your garment:
  • Dresses, Tops, Jackets and Coats – use your Bust measurement

    When to use high bust measurement:

    Patterns are drafted for the B-cup figure. If your bra cup size is larger than a B-cup it will affect the way the pattern fits.

    If your cup size is larger than a B-cup, you will get a better fit by choosing your pattern size according to your High Bust measurement. When using size chart to find pattern size, use High Bust measurement as your bust measurement.

    To determine your bra cup size, subtract your High Bust measurement from your Bust measurement and follow these guidelines:

    Difference Between High Bust and Bust Cup Size
    Less than 2 ½” A- or B- cup
    2 ½” to 3” C- cup
    3 ½” to 4” D- cup
    4” or more Larger than D- cup

    Shop Simplicity's A, B, C & D Cup Size Pattern Collection which features separate pattern pieces to accommodate Misses' cup sizes A-D and Women's cup sizes C-DD. This allows you to just choose the right piece for your cup size, without needing further adjustments.
  • Skirts and Pants – use your Waist and Hip measurements
  • Patterns that include both Tops and Bottoms – once you have your individual Top and Bottom sizes, check to make sure both sizes are included in the size range found on the front of the envelope.
If you find your measurements don't line up completely with a single pattern size, take advantage of the multiple sizes included in each pattern envelope. You can merge the cutting lines you need in order to cover all of your body measurements in one pattern.

Download our handy Fit Guide to have sizing info at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere!

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