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Step 1: With tool open, find the finished size of blocks to be set on point and cut strips to width indicated on tool.

image 'closeup' of Flip N Set tool

Step 2: Lay the tool on the strip with point aligned at top of strip and match measurement line along bottom of strip. Cut on outside edge of tool.

Note: Flip n Set cuts generous size triangles to allow for trimming.

schematic of how to cut a piece of fabric for a quilt using Flip n Set acrylic tool

Step 3: Rotate tool and align point with bottom of strip and edge of tool with edge of fabric. Make the second cut.

schematic of how to cut consecutive pieces of fabric using Flip n Set acrylic tool

schematic of cutting a corner triangle from a square piece of fabricStep 4: Repeat, rotating the tool and cutting to end of strip.

Note: For corner triangles cut 2 squares the size of the finished blocks. Cut each on the diagonal.

For Blocks with Sashing

Add the finished width of one sashing to the finished size of the block to determine size strip to cut for setting triangles.

EXAMPLE: 12" block + 2" sashing = 14" blocks.

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