is dedicated to encouraging and supporting your creativity with high quality, fun to use products, projects and services. Our family of well known craft, sewing, knitting, hobby and home decorating brands includes: Simplicity®, Wrights®, Boye® Needle, E-Z Quilting®, and Dimensions® Crafts including PaintWorks™. Our mission is to be one of the world's leading creators of products that facilitate individual expression and promote personalized creativity. Utilizing our portfolio of brands, and leveraging knowledge and experience gained over the past century, we seek to develop innovative and reliable products of the highest quality. Our brands include:


Simplicity Sewing Patterns

Simplicity designs, produces and markets sewing patterns for individuals who love to sew. Founded in 1927, Simplicity is headquartered in New York City where the design, patternmaking, samplemaking, instructional, and consumer service departments reside. Simplicity has long been known as a brand committed to sewing education and support. In the early 1940s, Simplicity embarked on a major sewing education program, by which travelling representatives, fashion shows, educational books and literature were presented and disseminated across the country. Such programs cemented Simplicity as the key source for learning to sew, and set the foundation for how sewing is taught today. As a result of consumers’ reliance on Simplicity for sewing education and the performance of the pattern product line, the company came to be defined as a highly reputable, dependable and key player in consumers’ lifetime experiences. Desiring to expand on this and offer consumers a wider range, Simplicity acquired New Look Patterns, The English Pattern Company in the mid-1980s. Consumers look to Simplicity for the most current looks to sew, and design concepts to customize and make their very own. They recognize Simplicity’s attention to detail in creating fashion forward and classic looks, heavily constructed designs and instructions that encourage satisfaction and success.



William E. Wright & Sons was founded in Massachusetts in 1897 by William E. Wright, a pioneer manufacturer of bias-fold tape and a man passionate about textiles. Prior to the launch of his business, Wrights’ founder had been making his livelihood by selling fabric door to door. Recognizing his customers’ needs, he soon devised a way to package strips of fabric folded over paperboard. His inventiveness was met with success, as Wright’s became the largest and earliest manufacturer of packaged bias tape. During its early years, the company specialized in trimmings and textiles. They maintained a textile shop in New York City, supplying materials for both lavish and utilitarian designs. They offered ribbons, silks, cottons, linens and wools and made it their mission to supply sewers and quilters with durable materials that were also attractive and fashionable. The company’s core specialty remained bias tapes and grew to include blanket bindings. To support their products and educate consumers William E. Wright began publishing informational pamphlets. This action combined with premium quality goods, enabled Wrights to gain a loyal client base and proudly boast major distribution in every sewing outlet throughout the U.S. Today, Wrights is the craft industry’s leading supplier of sewing notions, quilting tools, ribbons, bindings, tapes knitting and crochet needles and patches and mending items. Recently, Wrights has added innovative machines that are terrific aids to sewers and crafters alike.


Boye Needle

Boye was founded in 1906, when James H. Boye and two businessmen from the sewing machine business joined forces. Boye Needle Company was launched with a patented, revolving cabinet called the “Rotary Case”, which housed sewing machine needles, shuttles and bobbins suitable for a variety of home sewing machines. This was a tremendous innovation at the time as consumers had difficulty finding the correct needles and other replacement parts for their sewing machines. The Rotary Case was very successful and supported Boye’s expansion into sewing machine parts and accessories such as belts, oil and screwdrivers along with sewing needles and sewing notions. In 1917, Boye introduced the first complete line of crochet hooks made in America. Through years of development, Boye became recognized as the premier supplier of crochet hooks and knitting needles. In 1989 Boye Needle was merged into Wrights.